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Bring Arts Nier & Emil Set from Nier Automata

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This BRING ARTS set features the eponymous young protagonist of NieR Replicant along with his companion Emil (a.k.a. Ultimate Weapon No. 7), who accompanies Nier on his quest to save his sister.Both characters are recreated in impressive detail, from the carefully selected coloration to the textured patterns of their clothing.

Nier comes with a mountable Grimoire Weiss, a greatsword, and four hands. Emil comes with a staff and four hands. Emil can also be mounted to look as if he is floating in midair—just like in the game!
Together, the gallant Nier and eerie-but-charming Emil figures allow you to recreate a variety of iconic scenes from NieR Replicant.

Display stand included.

Figure Size:  NieR: W 2.48” x D .96” x H 6.29”
                      Emil: W 2.05” x D 1.44” x H 4.57”

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