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Dstar Arms - (1 of 1) Desert Eagles (Polished Gold Variant) Set of 4 for SHF Deadpool

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Extremely limited variant

Only 1 set will be made! 

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One and done. No special requests will be made once these are sold. 

If you're getting a Desert Eagle, one of the biggest handguns ever made, you need it to be as gaudy and ostentatious as possible (fitting for Deadpool). I present to you the Polished Gold Desert Eagles for your SHF Deadpool!                       

These are made with a base of mirror chrome layered not once, but 3 times for extra shine. Then they are airbrushed with candy yellow to get that gold look. Lastly, they are then finished in a 2 part diamond gloss finish.                                                                                                      

Don't miss out as these will be a limited release!


- 2 Closed slide Desert Eagles

- 2 Open slide Desert Eagles

- Shipped in a protective box


- Due to the limited nature of this item, they will NOT be cover by Dstar Arms Limited Warranty. 

- Ultra realistic detail! Printed with a 4k 3d resin printer!

- Individually airbrush painted chrome and flat black

- Ultra-durable

- Compatible with Little Armory accessories

- Exclusively sold at dstartoys.com!

- Figure in pictures NOT included.

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