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Sentinel - FLCL Canti (Red)

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The red Canti seen in FLCL reappears from Sentinel in a completely updated design!

Released as an OVA from 2000 to 2001, the original anime called FLCL—or Fooly Cooly—has many enthusiastic fans in both Japan and overseas.

The mysterious robot returns with an improved body and head. The classic silhouette completely changes the way he's displayed: unlike last time where he had a PVC body, Canti has been redesigned with CAD (computer-aided design) for the main body, featuring both ABS and die-cast to increase the range of motion and weight.


  • Canti figure
  • Alternate half-broken head
  • 7 Alternate hands
    • Pair of gripped hands
    • Open pair of hands A
    • Open pair of hands B
    • Right holding hand
  • Poncho
  • Bass guitar

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