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Imagination Works Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

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Imagination Works is the new Tamashii Nations series that delivers the ultimate in action figure technology. Now, in the highly anticipated second release, Vegeta joins the line! Portrayed in his classic Saiyan suit, the figure is cleverly designed to hide the arm and leg joints for a stunningly realistic appearance. A huge array of 12 expression part options let you customize his appearance for your displays.



  • Vegeta figure
  • Black hair facial parts
    • 2 Black hair faces (normal eyes)
    • 3 Black hair faces (grimacing)
  • Super Saiyan head parts
    • 2 Super Saiyan face parts
    • 3 Super Saiyan faces (normal eyes)
    • 3 Super Saiyan faces (shouting)
    • 3 Pairs of optional hands
  • Optional crossed arms
  • Stand

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