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Figma No.SP-098 Rikka Shiina (Reissue) from Little Armory

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From TOMYTEC's 'Little Armory' 1/12th scale weapon model series comes a figma of one of the series characters - the elite tactical girl's school member, Rikka Shiina!

Who is the Little Armory's Rikka Shiina? Rikka Shiina is one of the characters seen on the Little Armory packaging, illustrated by Haruaki Fuyuno. She plays a part in the defense of the region as one of the students at the Jyoushuu Girls Academy.



  • Rikka Shiina figure
  • Articulated figma stand
  • Model Runner for Special Forces Carbine Rifle
    • Holographic sight
    • Muzzle booster
    • Laser module
    • Light
    • Dual switch
    • Foregrip
  • 2 Facial expressions
  • Alternate skirt (for crouching)
  • Handgun with mounted light
  • Transceiver
  • Background sheet

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