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Modo Paint - Super Chrome Set (Spray Consistency) (SP-2)

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MODO Super Chrome and Gold Set (Spray Consistence)

Including MK-04  MK-09, and  MK-10.

[Product Description]

All have been formulated to a consistency that can be sprayed directly without further dilution. (Not suitable for hand painting)

  1. Please use MK-04 for the first coat of black glossy finish and allow it to dry completely. A minimum of 6 hours of drying time is required.
  2. Spray MK-09 paint in thin layers on the black surface, do not dilute. The color will become more silvery-white with multiple layers.
  3. In about 10 minutes, the paint will dry to a simulated metallic sheen.
  4. Please wait at least 6 hours for the paint to dry before covering, inking, and other painting.

Dstar01 Notes: Easily the best ultra shiny gold paint set you can buy.

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