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Dstar Arms - SHF Deadpool Holsters for Dstar Arms Desert Eagles

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Desert Eagles and SHF Deadpool figure NOT included

Will ONLY fit the Dstar Arms Desert Eagle

Desert Eagles available --------> Here

SHF seemed to forget something on their SHF Deadpool.... not just the guns, but the holsters for those guns! (There is even a slot on the figure for those holsters...)

Don't worry friend, Dstar Arms has got your 6 with custom fitted SHF Deadpool holster for the Dstar Arms Desert Eagles!

These can fit your SHF Deadpool without any modification to the figure! Although, we do recommend using super glue to affix them to the figure for a sturdier hold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Don't miss out as these will be a limited release!


- 1 Left Sided Holster

- 1 Right Sided Holster


- Due to the delicate installation process, these will NOT be covered by our warranty. Watch the installation video before purchasing and installing. 

- Ultra realistic detail! Printed with a 4k 3d resin printer!

- Individually airbrush painted chrome and flat black

- Ultra-durable

- Compatible with Little Armory accessories

- Exclusively sold at dstartoys.com!

- Figure and guns in pictures NOT included.

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