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Tori Factory Gun Sling Set of 4 (Basic)

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-A gun accessory set that can reproduce 1/12 scale rifles and rifle gun slings as if they were real.
――The sling plays an important role in reducing fatigue when moving with a rifle and facilitating maneuvering during battle.
――We have prepared two types of slings for Black 1.
――Sling 1 is a popular single sling, and sling 2 is a CQC sling that can be said to be a standard in the current military.
――The metal fittings were output with a 3D printer, and the sling belt was reproduced with paper that even expressed the crease pattern.
――By assembling this, a sling similar to the real thing is completed.
――Since each model maker can handle 1/12 scale firearms made into a kit, attach it to your favorite assault rifle and carry it with a 1/12 scale gun sling girl.
――Please use instant adhesive for adhesion.
--The set does not include superglue.
--Made of 3D printer printing resin
--Paper sling belt in 4 colors
--Sling 1 x 1, sling 2 x 3, total 4 pieces

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