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Tori Factory Gun Sling Set of 4 - K-Series

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-A gun accessory set that can reproduce 1/12 scale rifles and rifle gun slings as if they were real.
――This K series is a set that reproduces the sling used for the K1A single machine gun and K2 assault rifle operated by the Korean army as the main rifle.
――Recently, CQC type slings are becoming popular mainly in special forces, but general soldiers are still using this sling.
――The metal fittings were output with a 3D printer, and the sling belt was reproduced with paper that even expressed the crease pattern.
――By assembling this, a sling similar to the real thing is completed.
-Since the sling ring is also made into parts, it can be attached to 1/12 scale rifles and submachine guns kitted by each model maker.
――Please use instant adhesive for adhesion.
--The set does not include superglue.
--3D printer printing
--Made of resin
--With paper sling belt
--K series sling 4 pieces

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