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Tori Factory Kar98k Rifle 1/12th Scale

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--The Kar98k rifle is a military life developed and adopted in Germany before the start of World War II.
――Since it was operated throughout the war, it can be said to be one of the small arms that symbolizes the Wehrmacht.
-Since it is a bolt-action type, it will switch to an automatic loading type rifle in the latter half of the war, but it was also active as a sniper rifle due to the large number of production and excellent shooting performance.
--The Kar98k rifle, which symbolizes this German infantry, has been made into a 1/12 scale kit.
――You can choose to open or close the bottle by rearranging the parts. In addition, the high-magnification scope mounted as a sniper rifle also comes with ACOG (advanced optical scope), which can be said to be a necessary item for current rifles.
-Therefore, it is possible to set it as a classic rifle that fights in modern warfare.
――It is a perfect kit that comes with a rifle sling.
--A substitute? Comes with a 1/35 scale frying pan.
--3D printer printing
--With sling kit
--Made of resin
* This product is unassembled and unpainted.

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