3D Printed S.H. Figuarts SOLID Wrist Joints for Vegeta (4-Pack) (1st B – Dstar Toys

3D Printed S.H. Figuarts SOLID Wrist Joints for Vegeta (4-Pack) (1st Batch)

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Got a broken Vegeta wrist? Well, let me give you a hand with that!

These are solid joints that don't move in order to give you the ultimate durability for your SHF Vegeta wrists. No longer will they snap or break apart because these are incredibly strong!


2 x Straight Wrist Joints

2 x Angled Wrist Joints

Even though they are solid, the ball joint allows for similar movement are a stock Vegeta Joint! Excellent for posing and play, where the straight joints are for punching and the angled are for solid BIG BANG ATTACK hands! Even works with SHF Vegito!

Tested Figures:

SHF Vegeta Blue, Superhero, Majin, Saiyan Blood, Armored Trunks, Vegito, and all DF Vegetas. 

No returns or exchanges on custom parts!


Not all figures are made exactly the same and there will be slight deviations from figure to figure. While the majority of parts will fit the figure it was made for, there is a small number that will not. Therefore we cannot offer any returns, refunds, or exchanges for any custom parts. By purchasing this product you understand the risks that comes with installing custom parts. 


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