3D Printed Mafex Scarlet Spider-Man #186 Wrist Joints (4-Pack) – Dstar Toys

3D Printed Mafex Scarlet Spider-Man #186 Wrist Joints (4-Pack)

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For best results use the toolkit here: Dr. Dstar's Joint Removal Toolkit

Comes in a pack of 4.

Each joint has been individually tested to fit the hands of Mafex No.143 Ben Reilly Spider-Man, THESE WILL NOT WORK WITH ANYTHING ELSE!

After months of trial and error, we have found a resin that is much stronger than the original!

The most requested (and broken) wrist joints is now available at dstartoys.com!

Broke your Mafex Spider-man wrist joints? Don't throw away (or sell) that expensive and awesome figure! Dr. Dstar has replacement wrist joints to fix your cloned webslinger!

What if the hand socket is too big? We got you, we have included a small ball of sticky tack so the hand stays in place!

Designed by the team at Dstar Toys and custom printed from a Resin Printer, rather than a traditional FDM 3D printer, these are printed to be stronger!


- 4 Red Wrist Joints

- Instructions

Note: It is highly recommended you watch the tutorial before attempting to fix your Mafex Spider-Man. Due to everyone's differing skills and tools in toy repair we cannot offer any returns or guarantee.

No returns or exchanges on custom parts!



Not all figures are made exactly the same and there will be slight deviations from figure to figure. While the majority of parts will fit the figure it was made for, there is a small number that will not. Therefore we cannot offer any returns, refunds, or exchanges for any custom parts. By purchasing this product you understand the risks that comes with installing custom parts. 


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