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3D Printed S.H. Figuarts Yamcha Hair Straight Joint (2-Pack) with Super Glue

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We highly recommend using the Dr. Dstar Removal Kit: https://dstartoys.com/products/broken-joint-removal-toolkit

Did your SHF Yamcha hair joint break? You're not the only one, so did mine... 

But have no fear, the Dr. Dstar's SHF Yamcha Hair Straight Joint 2-Pack is here!


2 x Yamacha straight joints

1 x Super Glue

Return your Yamcha back into the Wolf Fang Fist that he is, and repair that hair joint with this replacement 2-pack!

Straight joints are stronger and more durable than movable joints and they are custom fitted for your SHF Yamcha! Note, that once super glued in, it will be a permanent  fix!

These joints are 3D printed with the strongest resin on the market, Monocure3D Tensile! For the ultimate in durability and quality!

For more information on Tensile please see this link: https://monocure3d.com.au/tensile-kickstarter-signup/

No returns or exchanges on custom parts!

 (But if you have issues please feel free to e-mail me info@dstartoys.com or Instagram: @dstartoys)

Please note, before you purchase, that once this joint is installed it is permanently affixed to your Yamcha! The reason for that is Yamcha's hair is designed to "hook" onto the joint. Removing the joint after installation, will break it! You have been warned. This is why the original broke so easily because of weaker material (our joint is stronger) and it is holding on to the joint really tightly. So please be aware that this is a permanent fix.  



Not all figures are made exactly the same and there will be slight deviations from figure to figure. While the majority of parts will fit the figure it was made for, there is a small number that will not. Therefore we cannot offer any returns, refunds, or exchanges for any custom parts. By purchasing this product you understand the risks that comes with installing custom parts. 


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