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Bring Arts Young Protagonist NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

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The young protagonist from NieR Replicant ver.1.224744987139..., the updated version of NieR Replicant, joins the Bring Arts lineup!

NieR Replicant tells the story of a brother and sister’s struggle to live in a doomed world in the distant future. The game’s graphics have become even more beautiful; and we've recreated the upgraded look with this figure. From the protagonist’s confident expression showing his inner strength to his outfit's wrinkles and fine embellishments, they've taken the utmost care in showing off each individual texture in breathtaking detail.

Grimoire Weiss accompanies our protagonist, with an ornate and accurately recreated cover. This tome is fully articulated, so you can pose with it either closed or opened.

The protagonist comes equipped with a sword, which can be held with his two hands, or sheathed at his side, allowing for the protagonist to be posed in varying ways.



  • Young Protagonist figure
  • Grimoire Weiss 
  • Greatsword 
  • Greatsword in sheath 
  • Dagger 
  • 2 Pairs of alternate hands
    • Weapon holding 
    • Open hands
  • Alternate right hand
  • Display base with articulated armature 

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