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Super7 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates! W2 Rita Repulsa

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"Yes, cry! Cry harder, baby!" Already an evil sorceress hellbent on conquering earth, Rita Repulsa's 10,000 years of imprisonment in a dumpster did NOT improve her disposition- a fact the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Angel Grove, and all of Earth quickly learned the hard way! This 7-inch scale fully articulated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Rita Repulsa figure features multiple interchangeable heads and hands, soft-goods garments, and an arsenal of mischief-making accessories, including the Magic Wand, RepulsaScope, Green Power Crystal, and more! Failing to pre-order this Rita Repulsa ULTIMATES! figure would be even more ill-conceived than one of her plans to take over Angel Grove, so don't miss your chance to add her to your collection!

Meme-worthy action figure's accessories include:
  • 3x interchangeable heads
  • 8x hands
  • 2x Gold bracelets
  • Fabric dress
  • Green candle
  • Green power crystal
  • Love potion
  • RepulsaScope

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