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Tori Factory K1A and K2 Rifle Set 1/12th Scale

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――The Korean Army (ROK) active rifle, K1A submachine gun & K2 rifle will appear in the 1/12 gun series that reproduces the fire extinguisher of each country with the appropriate collection size and the transcendental details possible because it is a 3D printer.
--The K1 submachine gun began to be deployed in 1981, while the K2 rifle began to be deployed in 1984.
――K1 and K2 look almost the same, but the ammunition operation method is basically different, so the ammunition used is also different.
――Of course, even the slightest difference in appearance is reproduced firmly.
――The K1 model is the improved K1A.
――Since both K1 / K2 are output by a 3D printer, the accuracy of each part is high and the stored state of the shoulder rest can be reproduced.
――This model can also reproduce the same structure as the real thing by combining the sling (bearing string) with a paper band and resin.
--Made of 3D printer printing resin
--The carrying strap is made of colored paper
* This product is unassembled

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